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  • Synchronized 3-Axis Turn Table
  • High Performance CCD Cameras
  • Innovative Design
  • Blue Light Technology
Open Up Your New Third Dimension
High-performance yet cost-effective solution that opens up a new dimension in efficient 3D data acquisition.
C500 is ideally designed for optimal scanning of small and medium sized objects in a highly accurate and fully automated way.
3D data acquisition with the C500 is particularly fast. The speedy measurement time and intuitive, user friendly software ‘ezScan 2017’ allows you to maximize your efficiency and work productivity.
Sleek Design & Portability
The C500 adopts Blue light technology which enables user to obtain extremely detailed scan data. In addition, the design of C500 is compact despite having a built-in controller, so it will take up minimum space, leaving room for user to utilize on other work.
What You See Is What You Scan

Synchronized 3-axis Turn Table

Additional third axis provides versatile
scanning angles for complex objects.

Innovative Design

Fully optimized scanning sensor for
better scan data and better results.

High Performance CCD Cameras

Equipped with high-end CCD cameras
for precise & accurate measurements.


The “Blue light scanner” makes scanning more rapid and precise than previous technology allowed.
  • STAND OFF (mm) – 555

Scanning Volume (mm)

Width height Depth FOV (mm) Point Spacing (mm) Accuracy (mm)
68 56 40 90 0.028 +/-0.010
136 111 75 175 0.056 +/-0.015
264 218 150 350 0.110 +/-0.020
385 312 210 500 0.157 +/-0.030
  • Resolution (MP) – 5.0
  • Light Source – Blue LED
  • Interface – USB 3.0
  • Dimensions WxLxH (mm) – 315x270x80
  • Weight (kg) – 2.3
  • Color Texture Scanning – Yes


CPU Intel i5 Intel i7 or higher
RAM 16GB 32GB or Higher
GRAPHICS Nvidia GeForce GTX660 Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or Higher
O/S Widows 7 (64 bit) , Widows 8 (64 bit), Widows 10 (64 bit)


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